Champagne & Dance

Workshop Champagne & Dance is a VIP workshop to reserve from 10 persons. This exclusive workshop is 120 minute and

Twerk & Dancehall

This Workshop is for everyone who likes a challenge! You will learn a Twerk choreography that consists of Dancehall moves.
Most wanted!

Soca X-Citement

The newest dance hype from America! This lesson is full of Caribbean dance moves on Latin music, such as: Merengue,

Striptease dance

Workshop striptease & Dance is ultra glamorous and spicy. Ideal to give a boost to your ego and spend a

50 Shades of Pole

50 Shades of Pole seductive, bold and dominant combined with sensual pole dancing. In this 50 Shade pole workshop, you

Lapdance & Pole

During this workshop you will learn how to give a routined lapdance and how to use the pole in a

Pole like a stripper

Pole dance like a stripper. The perfect sexy way to pole dance and adding floor work and a pole routine. Wear


This workshop is a sensual, theatrical and characteristic dance with beautiful costumes and feathers are used. Are your ready for Girl'Esque

Burlesque Pole

During this workshop you will learn Burlesque moves in combination with pole dancing using burlesque accesoires. Follow this workshop and release

Twerk & Pole

This workshop is for anyone who loves a challenge. Ready for some good vibes! Learn how to Twerk & Pole

Pole Choreo

This workshop is for the ones who like to learn a pole dance choreo. Choose your song and will start

Chair Dance

This workshop is for the girls that wants to add an extra spice and learn a new experience how to

Pole Sporty

In this workshop you will learn basic pole dance moves and how to hang upside down in a fun a sporty

Playboy Pole

Learn pole dancing with a super sexy Playboy bunny theme. This workshop includes,pole dance and floor routine, dress up like


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Dance For Your Pole

Poledance Classes

Pole dancing classes offer a combination of dancing and gymnastics exercises.

Aerial Silks & Hoop Classes

Aerial Fabric (Aerial Silks, Tissu, Aerial Tissue) offers you a graceful way to express yourself as you climb and wrap your body in the silks and hoop

Flexibility Classes

Our Flexibility Classes teach you the proper and safe techniques to enhance your flexibility and take it to the next level.

Other Classes

Think of Contemporary Dance, Burlesque, Girl’Esque.


We offer a wide variety of wokshops for any special occasions.


Celibrate your special Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party and Business event with us!