Pole dance Level 1


We work with individual lesson cards. Once you mastered all your moves on your card you will go to the next level.

60 minute class .


Pole dance Level 2 & 3


You’ve had the first two phases. You are now going a step further. You are not only learning intermediate moves but also how to combine them .

90 minute class.


Pole dance Level 4 & 5


In this level you will learn imtermedaite and advanced pole moves, dance, drops & tricks.

90 minute class.


Open Level

Choose your pole moves!

At the beginning of the lesson there will be a list of the pole dance moves that you want to learn. The moves are practiced under proper guidance.

60 minute class.


Dance Flow

Learn how to flow with your moves

In this class you will learn tools to improve your sense of musicality, quality of movement, and expression, through short dance choreographies and fun exercises. These dance techniques will help your movement become more graceful, flowing, and dynamic, both on and off the pole.

60 minute class.


Power Pole

Build your strength!

This class is suitable for any level. We start with a high-intensity workout for building strength, endurance and (muscle) endurance. Followed by a pole dance workout consisting of individual power drills, power combination and spin exercises in the post.

60 minute class.


Exotica Pole Dance

Don't forget your high heels!

This class is for students who followed the Beginners Course and / or have pole dancing experience. In this lesson you will learn a Stripper Style choreography. Find your way to dance sexy, skillful in high heels, floorwork and sexy spinning tricks. The perfect female workout.

60 minute class.


Extreme Pole dance

Extreme Sports!

You have reached level 3 and you want to learn how to do impressive tricks and flips in and around the pole? then Extreme Poledance is for you!

60 minute class.


Pole dance men only

Special for men!

Pole dancing class for men only. This class focuses on power exercises.

60 minute class.